Young Life

Good deeds mortgage loves young life

At GDM, we truly believe in the ministry of Young Life and how it reaches and serves kids.

Our founder, Tim Wolsborn, served on Young Life staff for 4 years in Pullman and Shane Prudente, a loan officer with GDM, served on staff for 10 years in Walla Walla. So not only do we love Young Life - we understand it.

We're going to bet you love Young Life too - that's why you're here reading this.

Because we give away 50% of the revenue we make on every loan, the Young Life area you support can be blessed in huge ways when it partners with Good Deeds Mortgage.


Use Good Deeds Mortgage

If you are in the market to refinance or purchase a home, consider GDM. We'll donate 1% of your loan value (50% of our revenue) back to your YL area. Doing the math, that's $3,000 on a $300K loan, $5,000 on a $500K loan, etc.

You can begin the process by filling out our application. Just click here.

Tell everyone about Good Deeds Mortgage

The more loans we close, the more money we give away - it's a true win/win scenario. But people need to know. So go ahead, share about us on Facebook and Instagram and tweet about us on Twitter!

Our goal is to give $1M away every year and it's going to take people like you, who love Young Life, to help us get there.

Thanks for considering Good Deeds Mortgage!

Proud Supporters of Young Life across the United States